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Raw TNT™ Processed Pet Foods
Water quality is of the utmost importance when it comes to overall health. Our many filters help to ensure your water is free of harmful chemicals, excess lead, heavy metals, and more. Our alkaline water products such as Wellspring™ and Alkinate™ counteract disease-causing systemic acidemia created and encouraged by the modern lifestyle: lack of exercise, exposure to modern environmental toxins, and the starch-laden modern processed diet. Acidemia has been linked to everything from dental disease to osteoporosis and a host of other degenerative conditions including heart disease and cancer, digestive problems, and headache.
Wellspring pH indicator
A purified, alkaline ionized water with minerals. Turns water into a powerful antioxidant! Use this pH indicator tape to monitor body alkalinization prior to, and when using Wysong Wellspring™ and Alkinate™
Portable Filter Shower Filter
Our copper and zinc water filter for the countertop, bathroom, or can be used as a portable filter for travel Removes up to 99% of harmful chlorine and promotes better health, skin, and hair
Undercounter Filter Water Ionizer
Removes chlorine, lead, heavy metals and more Provides activated carbon filtration and ionization – supplies adjustable levels of alkalinity
Countertop Filter  
Copper and zinc water filter works with any faucet to filter water for all your needs  
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