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Origins UnCereal Bar - 1 oz. ($2.49)
Origins UnCereal - 8 oz. Bag ($9.49)
Origins UnCereal - 17.6 oz. Bag ($18.19)
Origins UnCereal High Protein - 9.5 oz. Bag ($11.29)
BOX Origins UnCereal Bar - 1 oz. x 12 ($27.79)
CASE Origins UnCereal Bar - 1 oz. x 48 ($108.09)
CASE Origins UnCereal - 8 oz. Bag x 8 ($74.69)
CASE Origins UnCereal - 17 oz. Bag x 6 ($103.09)
CASE Origins UnCereal High Protein - 9.5 oz. Bag x 8 ($89.09)

Origins High Protein Uncereal™ is the delicious new version of Origins™.

Like the original Origins™, the High Protein version is not heated at any stage of production (truly raw), and contains no refined sugars, starches, or artificial anything...

With Origins High Protein Uncereal™ you get an elevated protein content (almost 40% protein), and a wonderful medley of fruits and nuts, + Coconut, Sunflower Seeds, nutritious oils, prebiotics, probiotics and more!

A bowl of Origins High Protein Uncereal™ in the morning will last you 'til supper. As a snack and trail food it can eliminate cravings and help you shed those unneeded pounds. It is also the perfect exercise, muscle, and immune system food.

Origins™ Meal-In-A-Bar is a delicious natural food exactly as a person would find in nature! That means no heat processing, no synthetics, no refined sugars, and no grain carbohydrates. It is rich in natural proteins, vitamins, minerals, and nutraceuticals with over 125 nutrients in all! Origins is hand batched using special nutrient protective processing and packaged in light barrier, nitrogen flushed single-serve packages. A single Origins bar is a true meal or a healthy snack. Perfect for dieters, back packers, athletes, and anyone on the go.
Origins Un-Cereal™ and Un-Cereal Bar™ contain over 125 non-heat degraded natural nutrients! Ingredients include a variety of raw nuts, fruits, probiotics, prebiotics and other nutraceuticals, immune enhancing dairy concentrate, sprouts, antioxidants and a host of vitamins, minerals and enzymes non-denatured as a part of the natural ingredients themselves. No synthetics, no refined sugars, grain starches, or nonnutritional additives. Origins is hand batched using special nutrient-protective processing and packaged in light-barrier, nitrogen-flushed, resealable stand-up pouches. Origins Un-Cereal™ is a natural healthy alternative to commercial cereals and snacks.

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