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Origins UnCereal Bar - 1 oz. ($2.49)
Origins UnCereal - 8 oz. Bag ($9.49)
Origins UnCereal - 17.6 oz. Bag ($18.19)
Origins UnCereal High Protein - 9.5 oz. Bag ($11.29)
BOX Origins UnCereal Bar - 1 oz. x 12 ($27.79)
CASE Origins UnCereal Bar - 1 oz. x 48 ($108.09)
CASE Origins UnCereal - 8 oz. Bag x 8 ($74.69)
CASE Origins UnCereal - 17 oz. Bag x 6 ($103.09)
CASE Origins UnCereal High Protein - 9.5 oz. Bag x 8 ($89.09)

Origins High Protein Uncereal™ is the delicious new version of Origins™.

Like the original Origins™, the High Protein version is not heated at any stage of production (truly raw), and contains no refined sugars, starches, or artificial anything...

With Origins High Protein Uncereal™ you get an elevated protein content (almost 40% protein), and a wonderful medley of fruits and nuts, + Coconut, Sunflower Seeds, nutritious oils, prebiotics, probiotics and more!

A bowl of Origins High Protein Uncereal™ in the morning will last you 'til supper. As a snack and trail food it can eliminate cravings and help you shed those unneeded pounds. It is also the perfect exercise, muscle, and immune system food.
Origins Un-Cereal™ and Un-Cereal Bar™ contain over 125 non-heat degraded natural nutrients! Ingredients include a variety of raw nuts, fruits, probiotics, prebiotics and other nutraceuticals, immune enhancing dairy concentrate, sprouts, antioxidants and a host of vitamins, minerals and enzymes non-denatured as a part of the natural ingredients themselves. No synthetics, no refined sugars, grain starches, or nonnutritional additives. Origins is hand batched using special nutrient-protective processing and packaged in light-barrier, nitrogen-flushed, resealable stand-up pouches. Origins Un-Cereal™ is a natural healthy alternative to commercial cereals and snacks.

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