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Raw TNT™ Processed Pet Foods

Wysong health food and healthy snacks are comprised of all natural ingredients and are formulated and manufactured with great care in our own USA manufacturing facilities. These delicious Wysong products are natural, nutrient-dense, healthy alternatives to the health-robbing and disease-causing pseudo foods that fill the shelves of our markets and food stores.

A healthy, natural chocolate product – an intelligent answer for your chocolate cravings A nutritious snack comprised of our Origins™, Dark Chocolate Therapy™, macadamias, cashews and almonds
A special, delicious blend of raw and powerfully nutritious seeds, nuts, and dried fruits Organic Basmati Whole grain brown rice containing over seven nutritionally important fatty acids, a variety of vitamins and minerals and more!
The perfect natural protein powder, and meal replacement for dieters, growing children, athletes, and others A healthy snack that contains over 125 non-heat degraded natural nutrients. Ingredients include a variety of raw nuts, fruits, probiotics, and more!
Honey Granules
An unprocessed all natural honey made by humanely cared-for bees  Honey Granules are made with 100% pure honey and possess a pure golden color and smooth honey flavor. Easier than honey to use in many recipes and as a nutritious sweet topping.
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